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4 Hardscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

Solid hardscaping incorporates structures like stone pathways, brick retaining walls, and concrete patios into an organic landscape of plants and vegetation. When done correctly, it can make your yard more attractive and functional. If you’re considering starting a hardscaping project of your own, here are a few ideas to try.

4 Summer Hardscaping Projects for Your Yard

1. Pool Deck

Structures around the pool such as decks and paved surfaces get worn out and grimy with dirt, moss, mold, and water over time. Refresh hardscaping around the pool area by upgrading the design and replacing the old surfaces with new materials. Pick ones that are heat-reflective and non-slippery when wet. Consider expanding the space to include an area for lounging and dining with comfy seats and covers.

2. Walkway

If you have a sprawling landscaped, make it easier to walk across the lawn without damaging the grass by adding brick walkways or a concrete path leading up to the garden. This upgrade not only adds value to your home, but it also makes for a relaxing stroll as well. Opt for natural stones, clay, bricks, or concrete, but if you want to add texture and flair, mix colors, materials, and styles.

3. Patio

A patio can seamlessly transition between the interiors and exteriors, particularly if you choose to merge both living spaces. Amidst the hardscaping, strategically place greenery to add visual interest and soften the hard edges of your patio. Add cozy seats and wide tables for gathering people, but think about combining stonework to define spaces, too.

4. Outdoor Dining Space

Summer is the perfect season for enjoying the outdoors, so make the most of it with an al fresco dining space. Turn your courtyard, patio, or deck into a casual dining spot with a big table, a couple of chairs, and overhead lights. Carve out an area where you can do food preparations and set up the grill for a barbecue party with your loved ones.

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