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Operating since 1995, Evergreen has successfully grown through hard work, perseverance and integrity. Starting from humble beginnings as a small mowing business, we’ve since expanded to offer a broad spectrum of installation, maintenance and renovations services for both lawn and landscape.

We are one of the few landscaping firms that has office staff to handle your questions, problems and billing. 


Our goal is not to be the biggest lawn care company in the area, but rather to be the best. From our labor force and operations teams to our estimating and office administration, our staff are ready to help you meet your needs and help maintain the beauty of your home through every season.

As an Evergreen customer, you can expect:

  • Promptly returned phone calls and emails (usually within 24 hours M-F)

  • Courteous, professional dealings with any Evergreen employee

  • Exemplary performed services

  • Respectful treatment of you and your property

  • A fair price

  • An eye on safety throughout the job

  • Honesty (We're not about making empty promises or over-estimating our abilities. If we can do it, we'll tell you that. If we can't do it, we'll tell you that too, even if it costs us the contract.)

  • No pushy sales pitches. (We're turned off by pushy sales people and expect our customers feel the same way.)

  • An overall positive experience (that we hope you'll share with others!)

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