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Everyone wants their home to have great curb appeal. Evergreen’s landscaping team can transform your property and enhance your outdoor space.


Evergreen offers a variety of services to help you achieve and maintain the curb appeal of your home. Our team of landscape experts can help you with the following services:



Fertilizing is essential to having a healthy lawn. It promotes new leaf and root growth. Our fertilizing helps prevent weed invasions and disease as well as prevent insects and grubs from making your lawn a meal. Regular applications will ensure you grow a green, healthy lawn. We also offer soil analysis to determine if your soil has the best PH and nutrient levels that will get the most out of fertilization.

Need to give your trees and shrubs a boost? We also offer fertilization services for greenery beyond your grass!

To keep your lawn & landscape looking its best we offer several services and fertilization programs to help meet your plant's needs.

Mulching/Landscape Renovation


Mulch reduces the number of weeds in your garden, conserves soil moisture, and adds organic nutrients to feed your plants.

Evergreen uses the best hardwood mulch available to give your gardens a fresh, neat look.

Does your yard and garden need a 'make-over'? Sometimes yards and gardens get tired looking or overgrown. The experts at Evergreen can clean up your yard and garden and create a fresh, welcoming look for you.


Depending upon your soil type and the amount of sun your gardens receive, our experienced horticulturalists will choose the perfect plants for your garden.


We also do weeding, bed edging, and pruning for your garden upkeep.

Drainage & Excavation

Are you looking to improve your property's drainage?


Water collection from rain can prove to be a serious hassle for home and business owners, and improving the way water drains on your land and around your buildings is an important measure to reduce the chance of flooding or other water damage. Whether it's improving pitch around your home, installing a french drain or extending a downspout, we can help!

Need a stump excavated or a foundation dug for a new shed? How about an old pool demoed? We have the equipment to help make you project easy!

Lawn Services

One of the most common and most important components of landscaping is taking good care of your lawn. Without a properly cared for lawn, a yard is nothing. We take pride in mowing your yard for a perfect looking lawn.

We offer a variety of lawn services beyond our fertilization, such a lawn mowing, core aeration, dethatching and leaf cleanup

We also offer lawn repair and installation services for when maintenance is not enough. Hydroseeding and sod installation can be a way to start from scratch for new homes or if damage to a lawn is extensive. We can help guide you through the process of making sure what's right for you.

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