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4 Reasons to Remove Old Trees on Your Property

The trees in your yard provide shade, visual interest, and perhaps even fruit. Because they are so useful and long-lived, it can be a difficult decision to get rid of one. Sometimes tree removal becomes necessary to prevent damage to your home and other vegetation on your property. Below are some of the most important reasons to get rid of a tree.

4 Reasons You Might Require Tree Removal

1. The Tree Is Leaning

If a tree on your property is suddenly starting to lean to one side, it could be an indication of serious problems. This is particularly true if you notice mushrooms or other fungus growing around the root system, or if the ground around the roots is starting to lift. Trees that grow on a slant are rarely dangerous, but a tree that starts leaning could be at risk of toppling.

2. The Branches Are Dying

If the tree’s branches are dead and bare of leaves well into spring or summer, the tree is starting to die from the outside in. The tree could start shedding branches, and the disease could spread to other trees.

3. It Is Growing Into Power Lines

A tree does not have to be diseased or dying to be a safety risk. If your tree's branches are growing into nearby power lines, you might want to have the tree removed entirely. There is a real risk of electrocution if children climb such trees or maintenance workers trim back the branches. Tree removal eliminates this risk.

4. The Tree Looms Over Another Structure

If a tree stands over another structure like a fence, garage, or your neighbor's house, it might be best to schedule tree removal before anything unfortunate occurs. Seemingly healthy branches can fall and topple over in high winds. The fallen limbs can damage homes, cars, or pedestrians.

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